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5 Questions with Jennifer Maurhoff, Multifamily Sales Executive

With nearly 20 years of experience in the multifamily industry, Jennifer Maurhoff knows the world of Stakers inside and out. Throughout her career in multifamily digital marketing and multifamily tech startups, the Boston-area sales executive has accumulated deep knowledge of what it takes to own and operate multifamily communities, and an appreciation for the realities renters face.

Discover why Jennifer sees owner, operators, and renters as “partners in financial goals,” the future she envisions for Stake, and the words that alway catch her eye at Boston’s Logan Airport.

What has kept you working in the multifamily industry for almost 20 years?

People always joke that they fall into the multifamily industry, and then it’s kind of like a black hole – you get sucked in! You meet so many good people and the industry becomes something you’re very passionate about. You can really see how your work impacts people's lives. To see the industry grow has been really exciting, especially in the technology space. It's pretty eye opening to look back at what was considered innovative when I first started compared to today. So many cool companies have risen up to help the multifamily industry better utilize technology.

How does Stake’s mission to #EmpowerRenters resonate with you?

It’s really exciting to have a product that helps owners and operators meet their financial goals while simultaneously adding so much value to residents’ lives. It’s that win-win-win that we love to talk about at Stake: a product with a huge financial benefit for owners and operators that also allows renters to save money and realize their apartment owner can be a partner with them in helping them reach their financial goals.

Where do you see Stake in five years?

I see Stake making a difference for millions of residents throughout the country and becoming even more of a brand name. It will be commonplace to hear renters asking: “Does your community offer Stake? Can I get Cash Back on my rent?

What are words that you live by?

I travel a lot so I’m often in and out of Logan Airport. There's a big banner in Logan with the JFK quote that says: “We choose to go to the moon not because it's easy, but because it is hard” – and of course I always hear it in my head with that strong Massachusetts accent! That quote resonates with me a lot. We shouldn't always choose to do things because they're easy. We should strive to do things that are hard, because they're motivating and make an impact.

What are non-Stakers missing out on?

The psychological and tangible benefits of savings. It’s so great to give renters a super easy way to save money and create good financial habits. When a Staker gets Cash Back and it’s automatically added to their Stake account, they can watch it grow and learn how to be more disciplined with savings. They can budget for a purchase that may have been outside their reach otherwise. That’s very beneficial!