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Smart incentives empower renters and help your properties outperform.

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Incentivize Key Actions.

Incentivize a wide variety of behaviors that help your bottom line.

Personalize your incentives.

No more guesswork. Use data to select incentives that renters care about.

More revenue and new revenue.

Results you can't get anywhere else.

Simple Integration.

Yardi and Entrata power your property, so we made it simple to import key data.

Stake empowers your residents. Together, you outperform.

Simply Financial.

Instant FinTech solutions for your residents and community. Zero additional cost to you.

Simply Delightful.

Banking services, financial tools, and more. A full-suite of services that engage and empower your residents, while benefiting your bottom line.

Outperform the market.

Don't amenitize, monetize. Replace concessions with Cash Back. Stake communities outperform the market by 5% on average.

Reduce economic vacancy.

Stake is the only solution to reduce economic vacancy in real-time, with real engagement from your residents.

Outperform with every rent payment.

Improve cash flow and reduce delinquencies by rewarding timely payments. We de-risk rent payments by empowering renters.

Increase NOI,
while delighting renters.

Achieve Asking Rent
It's not a concession, it's smart marketing. Always achieve asking rent with Cash Back.

Lower Downtime
Pump up the demand. Cash Back is faster leasing.

Reduce Bad Debt
Pay rent. Renters get cash. Delinquencies don't stand a chance.

Ancillary Revenue
Your residents aren't the only ones earning. You earn too.

Success is Guaranteed
No guessing, just data powered results. Guaranteed.

Use Cases


You've acquired or developed a property. Now, the challenge is to lease-up as quickly as possible. What are your options?

You can spend more on marketing and concessions, lower the rent, or reduce requirements on your application. Marketing adds expense. Concessions and lowering rent both reduce Gross Potential Rent.

Plus, lowering requirements spells problems for delinquencies and renewals. It feels like you can't win here. But what if you could attract more renters with a great offer, lower your marketing and concession costs, all while increasing your new resident's propensity to pay and stay?

That's the Stake win-win-win. Cash Back with Stake results in a 20% increase in leads. It lowers marketing and concession costs by 50%, and attracts renters who pay on time and stay longer. What's even better is we have the data to prove it.


Do you practice magical thinking with your renewals?

A magical belief that there is nothing to be done to keep a resident who has decided to move, yet you continue to see make-ready and downtime costs impact NOI.

Of course, keeping a resident is better than finding a new one. But, you need a strong offer to persuade a resident to renew, and at a cost that is less than finding a new renter to sign a new lease.

In addition, renewal programs must be light-weight and easy to manage for your onsite teams. That's the Stake win-win-win. The right Cash Back offer that gets your renter's attention, and is cheaper than make-ready, marketing, and other downtime costs.

Deploying offers is simple, our easy to use CRM tools allow you to easily manage and maintain your renewal campaigns in all seasons. No magic, just science.

Reducing Delinquencies

Bad Debt. There aren't many words that sound worse together.

Delinquencies drag on property values, making sales and refinances slower, and returning less to you and your funds.

The traditional tools are punitive. Without data to forecast, the damage is done by the time you respond. Proactive tools are scarce, and raising application requirements throttles lease velocity.

You can feel helpless.What if you could incentivize payments every month, and attract renters with a higher propensity to pay? Or target and de-risk delinquencies before they happen?

That's the Stake win-win-win. Cash Back for every timely payment ensures residents stay current. The effect is a 50% reduction of delinquencies in workforce and affordable homes, and up to 30% reduction in luxury and single family homes.

Now you can de-risk future leases by attracting renters who are more likely to pay. Meanwhile, you can monitor your rental community's financial wellness to proactively reduce delinquencies, while empowering your residents financially. That's reducing bad debt with Stake.

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