Cash Back for rentals is here.
Pay your rent and get Cash Back at a home or office that offers Stake.
Get Paid.
To Pay Your Rent.
When you stop renting, properties spend to find another renter - an expensive revolving door. Instead, Stake rewards you to stay longer and our properties save. A win-win!
Stake Cuts Costs.
Renters get a piece.
Connect your property to Stake’s Loyalty Cloud and let Stake’s data magic do the rest. Leases are signed faster, friends are referred, renewals increase, and payments are on-time. Want to save up to 63% on your concessions?
People Are Talking.

"The monthly cash back from Stake has really made a big difference when funds are tight. Now I don't have to stress about moving to a new apartment in my neighborhood."
TJ Perrin
Member since August 2019
“With Stake, we reached occupancy near capacity in 90 days. Best of all, we saved 42% in the process.”
Marty Jones
CLE Turnkey Real Estate
“What's in your wallet? Well, if it's a credit card, probably cash back. Stake is bringing that same data-driven reward to landlords for their tenants."
The Motley Fool
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“By choosing a landlord that participates in Stake, renters can actually make money off their monthly housing costs."
Pet VIPs
"Stake gave my parents a great welcome gift and I got a new toy too! Woof!”
Very Important Pet
“Stake is doing something pretty innovative, It took all the financial stress off of us."
Molly Repetti
Stake member since May 2019
“In a competitive rental market, it’s really important to try to differentiate yourself. What is something that is going to give the renter a different experience?”
Jay Heydt
Madison Realty Capital
"Now, a start-up is proposing to change that equation by offering what amounts to a loyalty program for renters."
Next level incentives.
Your incentives don't have any data to back them up. Ours do. Discover the right reward strategy for your building in as little as 5 minutes.