Thank you, renter

Landlords reward tenants with Stake. A little thank you goes a long way.

Unlock loyalty

Landlords thank tenants with Stake. Every month, tenants earn cash back rewards in the Stake app, build savings and unlock exclusive deals. Together, we create financial wellness and community for the next generation of renters.

How it works

  • Landlords reward tenants with cash back from Stake.

    Landlords offer tenants cash back with Stake when they sign up or renew a lease. There is zero cost to the tenant.

  • Tenants receive cash back in the Stake app every month.

    Tenants get cash back every month in the Stake app when they pay on time. The cash is theirs, and they can transfer it to their bank anytime.

  • Save the cash in the Stake app and earn more in bonuses.

    Tenants that keep 80% of earnings saved in the Stake app earn more cash back, and additional bonuses.

Why landlords love Stake

Magical Renewals

Landlords only pay when a tenant renews or reaches a specific reward goal. Powered by science, but it feels like magic.

Higher Performance

Turns out keeping tenants pays off: up to 20% Gross Potential Rent. That's up to 5 times the cost of the average reward.

Tenants track earnings in our mobile app

Or transfer them to their bank account.

Tenants track cash back and bonuses or transfer earnings to their bank account with the Stake app.

The result? Financial wellbeing for tenants, better results for landlords.

Own or manage rentals?

Take our five question Renewal Risk Assessment. We will show you how you can improve GPR up to 20%.

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