Hello, Renter.

Save for your next big thing with Return on Rent.

We invest in you.

We save landlords money. When renters like you move in, it reduces marketing and vacancy costs. We share those savings by matching your rent every month — without charging fees or any additional rent.

How it works.

  • Rent an apartment from one of our landlords.

    Schedule an apartment tour and we'll take you to see it. After you fall in love with it, we'll guide you through the application and leasing process with the landlord.

  • Pay your rent and receive a 3% match immediately.

    Your landlord gives us a thumbs up when you pay rent each month, then we match 3% of your payment and deposit it into your Stake account.

  • Save your earnings and earn an additional 2% bonus.

    Keep 80% of your earnings saved in your Stake account, and you'll earn a 2% bonus on future rent payments. Or, transfer it to your bank and use it as you like, and you'll always earn your 3% match.

Saving you time and money.

Instant Savings

Without paying more or doing anything differently, you'll be saving up.

On-call Favors

Lean on us for a helping hand, day or night, for nearly anything you can imagine. Just text us.

Track your earnings in our mobile app.

Or transfer them to your bank account.

Track your rent matches and bonuses or transfer to your bank account with the Stake app, available only to renters.

Curious how much you could be earning with Return on Rent™?

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