Frequently Asked Questions.
About Stake
Does Stake own apartments?
Stake is not an owner or property manager. We do not set rent prices. We do not review applications. All applications, pricing, and reward amounts are set by the property manager or owner.
How does Stake make money?
Property managers and owners pay Stake to reward renters. They get access to Stake’s Loyalty Cloud to transform their incentives, concessions, and discounts into powerful cash back rewards and personalized renter deals.
Return on Rent
How do Rent Matches work?
When you pay your rent according to the terms of your lease you get a Rent Match. A Rent match is 80% of the possible cash back you can earn. You’ll find your Rent Match in your Stake rewards app (iOS or Android).
How do I get my money?
You can transfer your Rent Match by connecting your bank account, or keep 80% of it saved and earn your total cash back in Savings Bonuses.
How do Bonuses work?
Savings Bonuses happen when you keep 80% of your Cash Back in your Stake account.
Are rents higher because of the rent match?
No. We work with your owner or property manager who will set their own rent, and we reflect the same rent amount you'll see advertised anywhere else the landlord has listed the apartment. Stake is not a property owner and we don't set the rent amounts.

That being said, if you do come across an inconsistency, you can (and should) email us so we can contact the landlord and confirm the correct amount.
Do I get taxed on my rent matches?
No, the rent match is not taxable because it’s considered a rebate received on your rent much like how you might receive points or miles from other loyalty programs.
Is my rent match guaranteed?
When you're actively renting an apartment in the Stake network, your rent match is guaranteed for the duration of the lease, provided you maintain current and on-time rent payments to your landlord (defined by the terms of your lease).

So, basically, pay your rent on time, and it is guaranteed.
What happens to my balance at the end of my lease?
Of course, we hope you love where you live and renew your lease, but if you don't renew, you have a couple of options:

1.) Rent your next apartment in the Stake network and keep adding rent matches to your Stake balance in your next place.
2.) Transfer your balance to your bank account using the Stake app.
3.) Keep your balance with Stake for when you rent with us in the future.

Once any portion of your balance is transferred from your Stake account, it cannot re-deposited.
How does Stake work with roommates?
Each roommate needs to have their name on the lease, and will receive Return on Rent on the portion of the rent that they pay. As long as his/her name is on the lease, each roommate will have their own separate Stake account they can access through our app.
How long are the leases?
The term of your lease depends on the property owner.
How soon into my lease do I get my Cash Back?
Once your new lease starts at a home in the Stake network, your Rent Match will first reach your account on the closest 15th of the month. Your Saving Bonus will then reach your account on the first 1st of the month after your Rent Match.