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How do I sign up for a Stake account?

You can sign up on the homepage, or go to on your phone.

Do I pay my rent through the Stake app? How do you know if I paid on time?

No, you pay your rent as instructed by your property manager. We do not accept payments through the Stake app. Your property manager lets us know when you’ve paid on time.

When will I earn my first reward?

If you move in on the 1st, you will earn your first reward on the third Tuesday of the same month. For alternate days, you will be rewarded a pro-rated amount on the next rewards day (either the last business day of the month, or third Tuesday of the month).

How do I transfer money to my bank account?

When you login to the Stake app, click “transfer” in the upper left-hand dropdown menu. Connect to your bank account via Plaid and choose the amount you would like to transfer. It takes 1-3 business days for rewards to reach your bank account.

What happens if I transfer out all of my rewards?

If you choose to transfer out all of your Rent Match rewards instead of saving in the app, you will miss out on your Savings Bonus. To maximize your Cash Back, make sure that you’re keeping 80% of your Cash Back rewards saved in the app. It’s fun to watch your savings grow over the course of your lease.

What happens if Stake were to ever default?

If Stake were to ever default, users would access their funds through Blue Ridge Bank, N.A. directly.

Are Stake funds FDIC insured?

Once you order a Stake Debit card, you unlock a no-fee, FDIC-insured checking account that you can manage directly from the Stake App. Funds are insured up to $250,000.

If you have additional questions, we’d love to hear from you! Please email us at or text us at (206) 385-4044.