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5 Questions with Dakota Lewis, Client Success Manager

May 10, 2023
Rowland Hobbs
CEO, Co-founder

For Dakota Lewis, work is about building relationships. During the last nine years as a leasing agent for residential properties and account manager for real estate tech platforms, what’s kept him going is building connections with colleagues and customers. The culture of support for team members and clients is one of the qualities that attracted him to Stake.

Learn how Stake’s mission motivates Dakota as a client success manager, the motto that he uses to create positive lasting impressions, and what he’s saving his Stake Cash Back for.

Why does Stake's mission resonate with you?

Stake is about advocating for renters, and my colleagues believe in the mission and focus on driving that mission every day. It’s powerful to see what renters can do with their Stake savings. Making renters feel valued and offering that win-win is my favorite part of working at Stake.

What do you plan to do at Stake?

I’m focusing on client retention and growth, starting at the onboarding process with new Stakers. I’ll make sure they have the attention they need and ensure their residents get the most out of Stake. The culture here is amazing and I’m looking forward to collaborating with my peers.

What are some words that you live by?

Under promise and over deliver. When you over deliver and consistently exceed the baseline, you develop relationships and trust.

How do you spend your free time?

I’m one of those parents who prioritizes life experiences as a way to educate my kids. Along with my wife, we like to go camping and take an annual beach vacation to California. My softball league on Monday nights is my escape and it’s how I recharge. I try not to take anything for granted, and just being alive and having a purpose gets me up in the morning.

What is your Cash Back with Stake going towards?

With kids and dogs, I constantly need to replace camping gear, so I’m looking forward to turning my Stake account into our camping fund.

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