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Introducing: StakePay

January 4, 2024
Rowland Hobbs
CEO, Co-founder

In 2023, Stake quietly launched the best, and only, way for renters to pay rent, earn 1% Cash Back on rent payments, get 100% of convenience fees reimbursed, avoid any debt.

Why? Because it’s time to reset the relationship between renters and owners where everyone gets something back. We call that Return on Rent™.

It’s called StakePay, and it’s revolutionizing payments, resident rewards, and property performance. In fact, after StakePay there was a 73% surge in new property sign ups. Here is why:

  • With StakePay, properties in the Stake Network don’t have to change a thing to offer free rewards and financial amenities: no new payment portal to setup and no fees to deal with.
  • But the best part of StakePay compared to every other payment solution on the market? StakePay attracts renters who pay on time and stay.
  • Stakers who use StakePay are 68% less likely to be delinquent compared to residents in the same communities that don’t use StakePay.

How do renters pay with StakePay?

Enter the following in any payment or resident portal or payment processor:

 Stake Checking Account ACH Info (routing and account number)

 Stake Visa Debit Card Info

 No credit cards, never any debt, never any fees

24/7 service in guide right in the StakeApp, plus our unparalleled Member Support team which responds to residents questions in under an hour.

What do renters get with StakePay?

When renters use StakePay, they earn:

💰 1% Cash Back on Rent instantly (no points to manage, no hoops to jump through)

💯 100% of all convenience fees reimbursed

🤝 Free Credit Builder reported to major credit bureaus at participating Stake Network properties

What do renters get with free, FDIC insured, Stake checking?

StakePay isn’t a processor, it’s a banking service. That means renters get more than just a transaction, they get a suite of financial amenities free. Imagine a bank that paid you to pay your rent - That’s Stake Checking, plus:

💳 1% Cash Back on everyday purchases

🔄 Free transfers to 13,000 banking institutions and Venmo

No credit cards, never any debt, never any fees.

Why do owners and operators love StakePay?

Most payment solutions ignore the one most important thing in this age of economic uncertainty: incentivizing renters to pay. Worse, many credit card driven payment solutions increase fraud, delinquency, and late payments. With Stake, things are different - Stakers actually outperform other renters on payments, renewals, application completion rate, and more. And Stake Network Properties see lower days on market, too. We have the metrics to show it:

And that’s just the thing, Stake provides free Insights on all these statistics right in our dashboard - Loyalty Cloud. So properties in the Stake Network get free insights into how to improve payments, not just manage them. In fact, with StakePay there is nothing to manage (we don't change the way renters pay rent!), so all the time goes to outperforming. Pretty sweet, right?

How to start with StakePay

Stake isn’t just a DIY solution, Stake provides a complete “do it for me” service. That’s all the data plus our hands-on Property Performance team.

Not only is Stake free to start you’ll see insights from Loyalty Cloud delivered and explained by our Property Performance team. No changes needed, just a new incentive, financial amenity, and better performance.

Contact us here to get started with StakePay.

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