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5 Questions with Mia Hurley, Customer Success Manager

December 16, 2022
Rowland Hobbs
CEO, Co-founder

An industry veteran, Mia Hurley has been working in real estate since her teens. From the property management side to the asset management side, Mia Hurley truly understands how both think. In her last role, she served as a Multi-Family Asset Manager for The Widewaters Group — and before that, she worked at Greystar where she got to know Stake as a client!

Get to know why Mia’s passionate about real estate, what #EmpowerRenters means to her, and what might convince her to finally get a dog.

You’ve been in the real estate industry since the beginning of your professional career! What do you love about it?

I started as a leasing professional when I was 18. I just walked into the leasing office in my neighborhood and said, “I want to do what you do.” They had an opening, and I began working right where I lived. I’m passionate about this work and the opportunities for growth are endless — especially in multifamily. I’ve been on the property management side, the asset management side, and with Stake, I get to work with both sides. The cliche for why people love real estate — which is also true — is that we help people find and stay in their homes. Seeing that impact on people’s lives creates those warm and fuzzy feelings for me. But what I also love most about real estate is how much financial intelligence I've been able to gain. It’s empowering to be able to use my financial and analytical skills across the industry.

Why does Stake’s mission, #EmpowerRenters, resonate with you?

The ultimate goal in real estate is to find people homes and give people a great living experience — no matter what side of the industry you’re on. With prices through the roof and an affordable housing crisis,  Stake exists to do just that by providing renters with Cash Back and savings, putting them in a position to afford their rent and even buy a home someday.

Before your last job, you were a Stake client! Tell us what that was like.

While at my job before my last one, with Greystar, I found great value in Stake. My company used it as a concession replacement tool and as part of our retention strategy for renewals, and saw improvements with delinquency. Plus, I always had a great working relationship with Stake’s VP Customer Success Miranda Pelletier Campbell and VP Growth & Operators Liam Hecht. Stake’s Advisorpalooza gave me greater insight into Stake’s mission to #EmpowerRenters, and showed me the impact on residents in addition to the revenue improvements for clients. As a Customer Success Manager, I’m excited to devise and deliver real impact for the many people we serve.

What gets you up in the morning?

My family — I have a six-year-old and a husband, and I work as hard as I can for their wellbeing. Plus, I love my work. I think that what Stake is doing is new, innovative, and impactful, and I’m stoked to wake up each day and drive the #EmpowerRenters movement.

If you were earning Cash Back with Stake today, what would you save for?

A dog. They’re expensive, so I’d definitely put it towards that. And gas!

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