Company Updates

A quarter pounder with cheese 🍔

June 14, 2022
Rowland Hobbs
CEO, Co-founder

Stake just finished our third quarter. Just 90 days, but you'll agree it's been pure 🔥.

First, what's up with our quarters? Our third quarter runs from August to November.

Why? This rhythm aligns with the seasonality of the Rental Communities we serve. Also, we just don't do things like other people do things. Everything at Stake is a fresh take, and a new way to look at a problem. As the first to offer Cash Back to renters, I think you'll agree we are doing things a little differently.

Our third quarter took plenty of fresh, hot, takes too. Let's take a look:

The results of this incredible work speak for themselves: 130% increase in Resident Members in just 90 days. That's over $1 million in Cash Back rewarded to residents annually. We're just getting started, onwards!

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