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Introducing: Loyalty Cloud 5.0

June 14, 2022
Rowland Hobbs
CEO, Co-founder

The product and engineering team have really been on fire and they didn't stop with Stake Mobile. The team has completely redesigned Stakes' Loyalty Cloud.

As part of Stake 5.0, they started from scratch. The result is a clean, simple, but incredibly powerful tool for property and asset managers.

Loyalty Cloud is how our Property Partners and Rental Community Members create, deploy, and optimize Cash Back rewards campaigns. It is a first-in-industry dashboard to engage residents, reduce economic vacancy, and unlock financial data you cannot find anywhere else in residential real estate.

  • Simple to start: Choosing a campaign to reward actions like "Signing a Lease" or "Renewing a Lease" is incredibly easy.

  • Cash Back recommendations: Loyalty Clouds makes recommendations on the Cash Back amount, but the property or asset manager has ultimate control of the final Cash Back offer.

  • Immediate Insights: At a Rental Community level you can see if Stake has reduced Delinquencies, increased Renewals, or improved the Loyalty Score of residents. Loyalty Cloud tracks proprietary insights such as Contactability and Propensity to Pay, making it easier to track the effect of your campaigns.

  • Effective Cash Back: Although we incentivize great financial behavior, not all Cash Back is earned. The unearned Cash Back from the campaign is returned to the Rental Community account.

  • Rental community financial insights: see financial wellness, shopping habits, and other insights into the overall health of residents in a property.

Stake is a simple proposition: creating incredible resident experiences enables your rental communities to outperform the market. Now Loyalty Cloud 5.0 is making that even simpler.

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