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Stake 5.0 Mobile is here

June 14, 2022
Rowland Hobbs
CEO, Co-founder

Stake 5.0 is the next evolution in bringing the future of FinTech to real estate.

It starts with our Resident App, available for iOS and Android, where renters realize our vision of making renting financially rewarding. Simply put: Cash Back.

Stake Mobile 5.0 seamlessly connects to Stake's Loyalty Cloud for asset and property managers. Together, this suite of products is the only data driven revenue rewards solution for properties who want to outperform with incredible resident experiences. Simply put: it's not a perk, it's the best financial experience in renting.

Behind 5.0: A membership experience for residents

It started with a complete redesign of Stake's Resident App.

We've made everything for our members, from starting the rental journey, to saving for the things they love - easier, quicker, and more beautiful. Stake Mobile is personalized — so Resident Members work towards their savings goals — which means every experience is unique. It is a Membership Experience that takes the pinch out of paying the rent, and puts the focus on where the Resident Member aspires to be. With Stake, Resident Members save for the things they love.

Moving into a new rental is tough. It's physically, and financially, stressful. That's why Stake has made the onboarding into the Resident App not only easier, and faster, but immediately rewarding. In fact, you can get Cash Rewards just for signing in.

We rethought and made every Rewards Day unique. Adding beautiful illustrations, tips on how to build a better financial future for residents and their families, and planning tools to see what's being served up on the next Rewards Day.

Rewards Day happens twice a month. First, when our Resident Members pay their rent and earn a Rent Match. Second, when Resident Members keep their Cash Back saved and earn a Savings Bonus. Now, Residents can plan and manage for their upcoming Rewards Day right in the app. This means there is always Cash Back to look forward to, always Cash Back to spend or save, and always a goal that matters our Resident Members.

Then, we added more surprise-and-delight features, and made the entire app ready for the incredible financial journey our Resident Members are embarking on by connecting to over 13,000 banks and Venmo.

Under the hood: Rental Communities Outperform

Every new feature in Stake Mobile 5.0 is designed to help Rental Communities outperform. Stake Mobile 5.0 provides the data to help you outperform financially, that data to help you understand the needs of your residents, and the data to create unprecedented levels of personalized resident engagement with Cash Back. Engagement so:

- Residents move in, for a rewarding experience.
- Residents save, creating a more prosperous rental community.
- Residents pay on-time, reducing delinquencies.
- Residents renew more often, building a true community.
- Residents feel connected, improving sentiment and relationships.
- Stake creates these engagements and outcomes with real rewards, not weak concessions.

We're bringing the future of FinTech in Real Estate with Cash Back. Stake Mobile 5.0 empowers our Resident Members. Next up, Stake Loyalty Cloud 5.0. Stay tuned.

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