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Now introducing Streamlined Campaigns

June 14, 2022
Rowland Hobbs
CEO, Co-founder

Empower renters and inspire action

Loyalty Cloud, Stake’s powerful system for creating, deploying, and optimizing Cash Back, has been updated with brand-new features that solve problems and inspire renter action.

Now, property managers can run streamlined, successful Cash Back “campaigns” – a marketing strategy that targets industry issues (like economic vacancy or late payments), identifies a data-based solution, and inspires renter action with Cash Back as a reward.

It all happens in Loyalty Cloud, freshly updated to help your campaigns work for you:

  • Cash Back campaigns are easily accessible for editing – and all in one place.
  • With automatic updates, campaign progress can be quickly checked.
  • Every campaign’s impact can be viewed at both the campaign and community levels.
  • Insights can be shared earlier than ever – which gives valuable time back to property managers and their teams.

Don’t just take it from us – our partners are already using Loyalty Cloud’s new features with amazing results.

  • 20% reduction in days on market
  • 15% increase in renewals
  • 7% higher yield

No other tool in your stack offers this kind of insight into a campaign’s impact on residents. Start your next Cash Back campaign today and see the difference.

Talk to your Stake account manager to get access.

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