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Introducing StakeSay: Resident sentiment powered by loyalty

May 24, 2023
Rowland Hobbs
CEO, Co-founder

Owners and operators shell out too much money for survey and sentiment tools that overpromise engagement and underdeliver resident response.

Say hello to StakeSay – a better way to connect owners and operators with their residents, find out what they love (or sometimes loathe) about their properties, and generate much higher resident engagement.

StakeSay revolutionizes resident reviews by:

  1. Garnering higher response rates and higher-quality feedback – making it easy for owners and operators to take action for their residents, and amplify their sentiments on social media and promotional sites.
  2. Landing front-and-center in Stake, an all-in-one Cash Back and equitable banking solution for renters that residents already know, love, and consistently interact with.

Get StakeSay with Stake’s one-stop financial empowerment solution

Find StakeSay in Loyalty Cloud, Stake’s powerful platform for owners and operators, when you deploy Stake. Stake’s suite of tools for residents also includes:

  • Banking for renters: An FDIC-insured checking account, a no-fee debit card, and Express Paycheck to access paychecks up to two days faster.
  • Credit Builder: Reporting renters’ on-time rent payments, boosting credit scores.
  • StakePay: 1% Cash Back for on-time rent payments, and reimbursements for transaction fees.

Interested in seeing StakePay in action? Schedule a demo here.

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