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Supercharge the “S” in ESG with Stake’s ESG Dashboard

June 26, 2023
Rowland Hobbs
CEO, Co-founder

Today, we’re thrilled to unveil the first-of-its-kind ESG reporting platform for the rental industry. Stake’s ESG Dashboard is included with Loyalty Cloud, the industry's only incentive optimization platform for owners and operators.

Get to know how Stake empowers property partners to improve their ESG efforts with supercharged tracking, simplifying, insights, and reporting.

Tracking: more to measure the “S” in the ESG.

What financial benefits do Cash Back, a free checking account, credit building, and more have on renters? Now all of that is measurable in one place.

Stake’s ESG Dashboard tracks residents’ average increase in: Cash Back earned with Stake, average savings increase during a lease, connected bank accounts, opened FDIC-insured checking accounts, Express Paychecks delivered, on-time payments reported to credit bureaus, and average credit score increases.

Simplifying: a unified view to track progress

With Stake’s ESG Dashboard, all financial amenities are trackable with one simple metric we call “Unlocks.” Stake looks at how many financial amenities (listed above) residents use and shows them in the Dashboard. Results for properties across the portfolio are now tracked and therefore can be improved.

Insights: on-the-ground - ESG explained

With no formal guidelines for the rental industry, ESG can feel high-level and not very tangible. Understanding the unique financial tools needed in each property is tricky. One property may need more access to banking services, another to credit reporting.

Stake makes it easy: the Stake ESG Dashboard highlights specific areas where each portfolio excels, which include:

  • Top Earners: Properties that earn more Cash Back
  • Top Unlockers: Properties that unlock more financial amenities
  • Top Reporters: Properties that report more payments to credit bureaus
  • Top Connectors: Properties that connect more bank accounts
  • Top Bankers: Properties that activate more FDIC-insured checking accounts

Now operations teams know what to improve and where to focus in order to enrich the financial lives of their residents — and can share these insights with investors.

Reporting: one-click investor reports

Delivering results to investors is crucial. Social impact investors want data to prove — and not just assert — the impact on residents' wallets.

Stake’s ESG Dashboard is easy to send to investors. Download a report and attach it to any investor presentation in one click. This includes all data, definitions, and even a guide to learn more about ESG.

We’re thrilled to see Stake’s ESG Dashboard already be getting a great response from industry leaders. Chris Herrmann, EVP, Chief Investment Officer and Fund Manager, Real Estate Equity at Enterprise Community Partners, said, “One of Enterprise's strategic priorities is making upward mobility possible for renters. Stake's innovative product is aligned with this priority, and its new ESG Dashboard will help Enterprise better measure progress towards achieving this objective – including growing renters’ savings, increasing their credit scores, and connecting them to free and equitable banking tools.”

Want to see a sample report? Let us know here.

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